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About the difference proportion between typical male, typical female and typical eunuch (also, male androgen insensitivity syndrome).
16 interesting facts about eunuchs (with early castration):

1 tall height
2 long legs and arms with a relatively short body
3 high-pitched voice
4 absence of 
5 absence of beard, body hair in the armpits and private parts
6 no odor from the body (the lack of sex pheromones)
7 absence of acne and skin problems associated with hormones
8 longevity
9 no 
addiction of sex
10 no semen
gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men)
12 wide pelvis
lush and soft hair on the head
14 undeveloped Adam's apple
15 heightened senses
16 good immunity

"It is known that castration can profoundly alter the external morphology of individuals -- anatomical alterations that differ depending on whether the operation took place before or after puberty. One can imagine that, if Egyptians suffered emasculation, the physical transformation incurred by these surgical subjects did not escape the critical eye of artists. Did Egyptian art supply us with any figurative documents marking the essential traits of these two types of castrati?
Let us examine the issue for the individual castrated before puberty, who is considered the "conventional" eunuch. Let us recall that this type of eunuchism is characterized above all by an exaggerated growth of the lower limbs of the individual, in both their leg and crural segments. These castrati are macroskeles [long-legged people]. But although this macroskelia is generally accompanied by an overall elongation of the body, it is also observed even if the height of the subject is close to normal. Another trait: the cranio-encephalic mass almost never attains its full development and due to this fact it transforms the respective individual into a microcephal [small-headed person]. In addition, the face appears smooth, since the secondary sexual characteristics do not have the opportunity to develop by reason of the precocity of the intervention suffered. As for the thorax, it generally remains narrow, but the breasts protrude fully, the hips fill out, the limbs become round; and if obesity manages to take root, it is only an incidental phenomenon."
(Eunuchs in Pharaonic Egypt by Frans Jonckheere )

Art by Deva.
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MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
Thank you for providing this!
Develv Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017
You are welcome ^^
AlgaeNymph Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
no addiction of sex

But do they have any interest in sex?
Develv Featured By Owner May 17, 2017
The interest in sex is more romantic and aesthetic rather than a physical need.
You can read more here……

AlgaeNymph Featured By Owner May 17, 2017

But they do have partners who're very sexual.  What's sex like for a eunuch?
Hidden by Commenter
Develv Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Which photo? 
How do you know it was a eunuch?
Maybe, real beautiful eunuch will not undress for a photo? 
Unfortunately, I saw the nude photo of a real life woman and it also scarred me forever. But from that, I won"t conclude that there are no beautiful women. 
LoveSeaForLife Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
this photo of african slave that scarred me. --->…

other one of an ancient chinese child with opened robe and pant down is worse to scarred me too. -->…

I ask one question for you: So, are you a male? just one question.

if you say yes, then i understand now. 

if you don't answer mine, then i wont ask again.
Develv Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
African eunuch is a very old man, but I didn't see some scared things. He is normal old man, not beautiful, but not ugly.
Chinese eunuch is very young, he has not yet grown, so that his body will become like a eunuch. Clothing hides most of his body, so we do not see its shape. And his face is frightened, deprived of makeup and photoshop (which is applied to modern women).
What's the difference who we are, male or females? We are human.

All people deserve respect, regardless of their sex and gender or body modification. But you said that like the eunuchs are not people. You said that they are terrible only because you saw a couple of unsuccessful photos, thus, you could insult the eunuchs and those who respect them. Are you offended when someone disrespects women and calls them scary? Also, we are uncomfortable when someone thinks that eunuchs are ugly. 
kofiadu Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
yes dear deva
if boy cut young then he some times i see he grow like you say
but if latecut then allmost same as man
love kofi
Develv Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Yeah, I know it~
prince-benjy Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
This is so much better than the last one you did, it shows all three in their loveliest of forms, no one looks frumpy great job Deva 
Develv Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
I am a dummy! 
prince-benjy Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
the evolution of your work is great, i don't quite always get it but you have a very lovely talent
Develv Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Thanks though :D
prince-benjy Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
I am glad my comment wasn't ill received, i love how you draw people its rather unique to show powerful femme men
Develv Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
prince-benjy Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017
i love seeing your development
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